Getting to Washington by bus

We headed in the morning from NYC towards DC, and got there around noon. The bus was by far the cheapest way to get from NYC. Actually I wanted to rent a car, but this is one of the great things when you don’t travel alone, you don’t have all your proposals accepted πŸ™‚

You can experience a lot of things by taking a bus. You can see lots of green scenery between cities, or small buildings outside the city center with people sitting in front on their lawn – something that I could only see in American movies.

Washington suburb building

Oh, and one more thing I have never seen before, 2 women stretching and doing all kinds of yoga positions on the seat of the bus πŸ™‚

Washington sightseeing – White House

Anyways , when we got there, the only thing that I really had to see, was the White House. We followed the Google map and it led us to a small house. What?? Every time when I saw a movie that mentioned the White House I saw some awesome big building. Guess what, that is not the White House, that is the Capitol. Thank God for Internet and Google, so you can answer all your (stupid) questions immediately πŸ™‚

Washington White House

Washington sightseeing – National Mall (Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial)

Since we were already in front of the White House, the closest sight was Washington monument. I remember this monument from movies as well πŸ™‚ Along the way we had found more monuments and more squirrels!

President park - Washington

I’ve never seen a squirrel free in the park before USA (and yes I was the only one so excited about squirrels :)).

After a short walk, we got to the monument (obelisk).

Washington monument obelisk

Don’t know if this picture is appropriate, but I had to do it πŸ™‚

When you get near, you can actually see The World War II memorial on the other side and it gets you to a totally different dimension.

The World War II memorial view from Washington Monument

You really get a feeling that you are visiting the capital. Before coming to Washington, I had no idea what to expect, but I’m glad we got too see all of it.

The World War II memorial

The World War II memorial .jpg

(if you were wondering what I was looking at)

Especially the Lincoln monument.


Can’t really say why but it really made an impression on me. A plus was having a conversation with a kind old lady from the US who took a picture of us πŸ™‚

Washington food

We were a bit tired of walking, so we took a cab to a street which had the most restaurants on a Google map. Since it was just past 7 p.m. an interesting thing happened, everything was closing. Even the Starbucks! I can’t remember I saw anything closing at 7 p.m. on a work day anywhere else.

We wandered a bit, and found a restaurant with the whole restaurant floor made of pennies. Don’t know how but it didn’t cross my mind to take a picture. I was so hungry, It was a miracle that I was able to walk πŸ™‚

The food was delicious, but portions were so unbelievably small. When we asked for a bill, the waiter was so surprised. After paying for the bill, it hit us why portions were so small. When we got there, we were so hungry and waiter was talking too much and we had just nodded and agreed to everything. When we ate, we managed to join pieces of this blurred conversation and realized that he was talking about different concept of this restaurant, that you order more portions of different food. Fortunately we were here for just one day, and we won’t have to see him ever again πŸ˜€

Our being stupid wasn’t the stupidest thing at all. Because we were so hungry, we remembered that we saw a pizza place on the way so we went there and ate the best pizza ever!

Love and pizza restaurant Washington

This was the concept I liked the most, you could actually choose type of dough, type of meat, type of cheese.

Love and pizza Washington

You could actually choose all of the ingredients for your pizza. If you choose everything you love, you got yourself the best pizza ever! πŸ™‚

Washington after 9 p.m.

Since we weren’t so far away from the hotel, we decided to take a walk. Don’t know how, but Washington at 9 p.m. looks exactly like any other city at 4 a.m. It was Sunday, but still, everything was closed and pretty quiet with almost no people on the street. You could only see homeless people sleeping on the benches and other asking for money. It was really like Twilight zone had started. I got almost ran over by some guy raging in a sport car. So Washington by night is a big NO.

Washington in the morning

We had two more things to do before we leave. We had to see the Capitol, and eat once again the best pizza in the world.

When we got out of the hotel, the Twilight Zone was gone. Lots of people on the streets, crowds everywhere, beautiful day.

We went walking all the way from the hotel around Washington Monument to the Capitol. And of course, eat pizza along the way πŸ™‚ The other part of the group wasn’t so excited by the walk, but this time the taxi proposition was declined. After half an hour of the silent treatment, we finally got to the Capitol.

Capitol Washington

Unfortunately it was under construction, but it still looked big and awesome. Don’t worry, by now the renovating must be over.

24 hour Visit to Washington going to an end

Since we saw everything we had wanted, it was time to pick up our suitcases and go back to New York City.

For me this in not a place for a long visit, but I’m glad we had stopped by.


Places we had visited:

Landmarks: White house, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol
Restaurants: Lincoln Restaurant, Love & pizza

Places we had stayed: Hotel Lombardy (

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